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Even Me Text

Hes Gonna Work It Out Text

Hosanna Text

I feel alright Text

I open my mouth Text

Put Your Hand in the Hand Text

For Every Mountain Text

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Alright by Norman Hutchins with Dr. Margaret Douro

Chicago Mass Choir - Hes Gonna Work It Out.avi

He's gonna work it out alt

He's gonna work it out Sopran

He's gonna work it out Tenor

Hosanna ALT

Hosanna SOPRAN

Hosanna TENOR

I feel alright alt

I feel alright sopran

I feel alright tenor

I open my mouth ALLA STÄMMOR

I open my mouth ALT

I open my mouth SOPRAN

I open my mouth TENOR

Norman Hutchins - Hosanna

Even Me Alt

Even Me Bas

Even Me Sopran

Even Me Tenor

For Every Mountain ALT BAS (16)

For Every Mountain SOPRAN TENOR (15)

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Even Me

He´s Gonna Work It Out

I Feel Alright

Put Your Hand in the Hand

For Every Mountain